About Us

The LearnTheK website is a marketing campaign sponsored by Renovation Connected LLC, a Texas corporation doing business as “Learn The K”. This campaign started in 2017, but our team of professionals have served the 203K community since 1996.

The primary goal of the LearnTheK website is to provide a place where home renovation professionals may offer their services to people who want to buy a home that needs repair and to people who want to finance repairs to a current home. Home renovation professionals include: loan officers, realtors, contractors, HUD consultants and other professionals who help inspect homes or complete home renovation projects.

The “203K” is what people call the HUD's (that is, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's) “Section 203(k) Loan Program”. This is a home loan guarantee program developed by HUD to help people turn “fixer-uppers” into dream homes.

Find out more about the program on our 203k-program page.